The Omega Center

The Omega Center offers a vision of wholeness for our troubled times. The divisive fragmentation of our age reflects a deep yearning for a new holistic understanding to heal our divisions, deepen our compassion, and ignite the human spirit toward greater unity and flourishing. The Teilhardian concept of “Omega”—upon which our Center’s vision and work is based—is understood not as destination, but as deepening toward a more unified future. Omega is the revelation of God as the fullness of love, the dynamic center of love at the heart of all creation. We seek to rekindle divine love at the heart of the universe.

Our mission is to explore “Love at the Heart of the Universe” through educational, formational, and inspirational resources that offer new ideas at the convergence of science and religion, provide contemplative guidance for new ways of thinking and being together, and tell the profound story of divine becoming that is our dynamic cosmos and our most intimate spiritual yearnings.

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