The History of the Association


A Short History of the American Teilhard Association written by Winifred McCulloch Click here to download this as a PDF When Hallel Communications agreed in 1977 to bring out our series of cassette tapes, they did so because the speakers were not only individuals concerned with Teilhard’s thought but also officers of an organization existing at a certain period of time with a stated purpose. This book is a short account of that organization and some of the people who have been part of it. There is, of course, a larger story that is not attempted here: the influence of Teilhard’s thought on secular and religious ideas ­ as well as on private lives ­ in the sixties and seventies of this century. This story remains to be written. My sources for this history are the correspondence files of the American Teilhard Association, the Minutes of Board Meetings, the Newsletters and archives, the 1964 Fordham conference Proceedings, some notes sent to me by Beatrice Bruteau, Ewert Cousins’ taped recollections of his early years at Fordham, a long talk with Robert Francoeur one morning this past summer when I visited him on Cape Cod, and my own long experience with the Association. The American Teilhard Association is now in its eleventh year. It believes that Teilhard’s vision will play an important role in shaping the new world-view that is emerging in the last decades of this century, and in its publications and programs it will continue to relate Teilhard’s thought to that evolving world. Winifred McCulloch New York City October, 1978 Winifred McCulloch Copyright ©1979 American Teilhard Association for the Future of Man, Inc. All rights reserved. Published for the American Teilhard Association for the Future of Man, Inc. by ANIMA Publications (Division of Conococheague Associates, Inc.) 1053 Wilson Avenue Chambersburg, Pennsylvania ISBN 0-89012-013-7 Click here to download a PDF version of “A Short History of the American Teilhard Association,” by Winifred McCulloch