Dates Principle Events Location Major Works
1926 April Leaves for China with Pere Licent and Pere Lejay    
1926 November Drafts treatise on spirituality Tientsin  
1926 December Visited by Professor Alfred Lacroix of the Museum of Natural History Peking  
1927 May–July Field trip with Licent Dalai-Nor (Tari N.)  
1929 February Return to China via Jibuti and Ceylon   Le sens humain
1929 April

Accepts post as scientific adviser to Peking Geological Service

Lives with Lazarist Fathers

Works with Dr. Davidson Black and Dr. Wong Wen Hao at Chou-Kou-Tien

1929 December 2 Pei-Wen-Chung, Director of Excavations at Chou-Kou-Tien, discovers the first Sinanthropus skull   Chou-Kou-Tien (with C.C. Young)
1930 February Trip with Barbour Shensi, Shansi  
1930 May Joins Chapman Andrews expedition Mongolia, Gobi Desert  
1931 January Trip to USA to make arrangements for Citroen expedition New York, Chicago  
1931 February Return to China via Hawaii and Japan San Francisco  
1931 May 8 Joins expedition Kalgan, Gobi Desert  
1932 January 1 With the Divine Word Fathers Liangchow (Kansu)  
1932 September Return to France for four months Paris  
1933 February Leaves for fifth journey to China    
1933 July Trip to USA via Pacific route San Francisco, Washington, New York  
1933 July Attends International Congress of Geology in Washington    
1934 May Yangtze Expedition, and trip to Central Asia with Barbour Yangtze, Hunan, Tsinling Mts.  
1935 May Return to France Paris  
1935 September Departure for India to join Helmut de Terra Red Sea, Kashmir

The Discovery of the Past (Vision of the past)

1935 End of December To Java at invitation of Von Koenigswald Batavia, Bandung, Sangiran  
1936 January Return to China via Hong Kong and Shanghai Peking  
1937 February Trip to USA across Pacific via Honolulu Philadelphia  
1937 April Return to France via Atlantic route New York  
1937 August 6 Leaves for China from Marseilles on board the D'Artagnan   Human Energy (Building the Earth)
1937 December To Burma to join Helmut de Terra Rangoon  
1938 March Arrival in Java with Helmut de Terra; stays with Von Koenigswald Batavia, Bandung, Surakarta, Trinil, La Solo  
1938 May Return to China Peking  
1938 June Begins The Phenomenon of Man    
1938 September Leaves for USA via Pacific route Vancouver, New York  
1938 November Returns to France via Atlantic route   Social Heredity and Progress (The Future of Man)