The American Teilhard Association depends on our members for support in undertaking the great work that Teilhard has encouraged all of us to engage in, to build a flourishing Earth community. We look forward to increased membership so that our offerings may be circulated more widely to those looking for guidance in directing the future course of human venture.

All members will receive annually two issues of Teilhard Studies; the Association’s newsletter, Teilhard Perspective; access Annual Members’ Meetings, and notice of the Annual Meeting and other programs.

American Teilhard Association membership dues support our ability to bring you:
– Lectures
– Small group reading circles
– Our regular bi-annual monograph, Teilhard Studies
– Our newsletter, Teilhard Perspective
– Annual Event with featured speakers and panels
– Members’ Meetings
– Blogs and the ATA Podcast

To become a member of the American Teilhard Association, or to renew your membership, simply use the Zeffy/credit card option on the right or send your membership dues to:

Kathleen Duffy, SSJ
American Teilhard Association
Chestnut Hill College
9601 Germantown Avenue
Philadelphia, PA 19118

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