Teilhard Perspective

Teilhard Perspective is a bi-annual newsletter of the American Teilhard Association that presents short articles, reviews of relevant publications, information regarding upcoming events such as the Annual Meeting, and personal notes. The newsletter provides fresh perspectives on Teilhard de Chardin’s remarkable evolutionary vision often in ways that directly relate to an ecologically and spiritually sustainable Earth community. As the postings below convey, they include a broad survey of current books, articles and websites that concern an evolutionary cosmic genesis in which human beings are a positioned as a creatively reflective phenomenon.

Issues of Teilhard Perspective date back to 1965. We usually publish two issues per year. Copies of most issues are still available. Issues from Fall 2003 to the present are available online on this webpage. They contain essays by prominent Teilhard scholars, as well as information about lectures, conferences, and other events offered at the time.

You may purchase back issues of Teilhard Perspective at a rate of $4.50 per copy plus postage and handling.

For purchases  outside the United States, send an inquiry to kduffy@chc.edu for an estimate.

If you have any questions, email kduffy@chc.edu.