Teilhard Studies is a monograph series concerned with the future of the human in the light of the writings of Teilhard de Chardin. Two issues each year are planned, to be sent to members of the Teilhard Association.

Below, there are links to the first page of every past study in adobe acrobat format. There is a link to a short biography for each author as well. You can find a list of all issues of Teilhard Studies that are still in print here. You can also find potential reading lists of Teilhard Studies here


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Teilhard Studies




A Short History of the American Teilhard Association (full text) Winifred McCulloch 1979
1. The New Story Thomas Berry Winter 1978
2. A New Creation Story Donald Gray Spring 1979
3. Management Thomas Berry Spring 1980
4. Teilhard de Chardin’s Biological Ideas Alexander Wolsky Spring 1981
5. Cosmic Genesis Arthur Fabel Summer 1981
6. Reflections on Shamanism John A. Grim Fall 1981
7. Teilhard in the Ecological Age Thomas Berry Fall 1982
8. The New Book of Nature Arthur Fabel Fall 1982
9. Teilhard’s Unity of Knowledge Thomas M. King, S.J. Summer 1983
10. The New Natural Selection Brian Swimme Fall 1983
11. Teilhard de Chardin: A Short Biography
Teilhard de Chardin: Una Biografia Corta
John A. Grim & Mary Evelyn Tucker Spring 1984
12. Teilhard and Mendel Edward Dodson Fall 1984
13. The Ecological Spirituality of Teilhard Mary Evelyn Tucker Spring 1985
14. Technology and the Healing of the Earth Thomas Berry Fall 1985
15. Teilhard, Taoism, and Western Thought Allerd Stikker Spring/Summer 1986
16. Teilhard and Prigogine James F. Salmon, S.J. Fall/Winter 1986
17. History in a Teilhardian Context Irvine H. Anderson Spring/Summer 1987
18. The Journey Symbol Marilyn Nichols, S.S.J. Fall/Winter 1987
19. Love as Energy R. Wayne Kraft Spring/Summer 1988
20. Liberation Theology and Teilhard de Chardin Eulalio Baltazar Fall/Winter 1988
21. Teilhard, Evil and Providence Thomas M. King, S.J. Spring/Summer 1989
22. The Creative Union of Person and Community Joseph A. Grau Fall/Winter 1989
23. Sustainable Development and the Biosphere William E. Rees Spring/Summer 1990
24. Cybernation, Responsibility and Providential Design Chris Mooney, S.J. Summer 1991
25. Ecofeminism: Sacred Matter/Sacred Mother Bernice Marie-Daly Autumn 1991
26. The New Biology Adrian Hofstetter, O.P. Spring 1992
27. Apocalyptic Spirituality in the Old and New Worlds John A. Grim Autumn 1992
28. Education and Ecology Mary Evelyn Tucker Spring 1993
29. The Teilhardian Synthesis, Lamarckism; Orthogenesis Edward Dodson Summer 1993
30. Chaos, Complexity; Theology John F. Haught Summer 1994
31. Creation, Cosmology, and the Cosmic Christ Russel B. Norris, Jr. Spring 1995
32. The Letters of Teilhard de Chardin and Lucile Swan Ursula King Fall 1995
33. Teilhard de Chardin and the Piltdown Hoax Winifred McCulloch Spring 1996
34. Psychotherapy, Religion, and the Teilhardian Vision John Ryan Winter 1997
35. Syntheses in Science; Religion William Falla Summer 1997
36. Teilhard 2000: The Vision of a Cosmic Genesis… Arthur Fabel Spring 1998
37. Merton and Ecology: A Double Issue Dennis Patrick O’Hara & Donald St. John Spring 1999
38. The Divine Milieu Jean Maalouf Autumn 1999
39. The Once and Future Earth Kenneth E. Dupuy Spring 2000
40. Divine Wisdom: Her Significance for Today Eleanor Rae Summer 2000
41. Understanding Thomas Berry’s Great Work Herman F. Greene Autumn 2000
42. Evolution of the Noosphere Mark A. S. McMenamin Spring 2001
43. The Texture of the Evolutionary Cosmos: Matter and Spirit in Teilhard de Chardin Kathleen Duffy, SSJ Fall 2001
44. Mysticism and Contemporary Society: Some Teilhardian Reflections Ursula King Spring 2002
45. In Search of a God for Evolution: Paul Tillich and Pierre Teilhard de Chardin John F. Haught Fall 2002
46. Evolution as Revelation of a Triune God James F. Salmon, S.J. & Nicole Schmitz-Moormann Spring 2003
47. Teilhard and the Feminine Jean Maalouf Fall 2003
48. Alienation in a Universe of Presence Thomas Berry Spring 2004
49. Teilhard’s Concept of Religion and the Religious Phenomenon of Our Time Ewert H. Cousins Fall 2004
50. Teilhard’s Vision of Evolution John A. Grim & Mary Evelyn Tucker Spring 2005
51. The Ecological Spirituality of Teilhard Mary Evelyn Tucker Fall 2005
52. Teilhard’s Vision and the Earth Charter Steven C. Rockefeller Spring 2006
53. Geology and Grace: Teilhard’s Life and Achievements James W. Skehan, S.J. Fall 2006
54. Sustainable Development and the Ecosphere Concepts and Principles William E. Rees Spring 2007
55. The Divine Welling Up and Showing Through: Teilhard’s Evolutionary Theology in a Trinitarian Panentheistic-Procreative Paradigm Gloria L. Schaab, SSJ Fall 2007
56. Teilhard and Jung: A Cosmic and Psychic Convergence Rev. Franklin E. Vilas Spring 2008
57. Believers and their Disbelief: St. Therese of Lisieux, Mother Teresa, and Teilhard Thomas M. King, S.J. Fall 2008
58. Teilhard’s Vision of the World and Modern Cosmology Michael K. Heller Spring 2009
59. Christogenesis: The Development of Teilhard’s Cosmic Christology Agustin Udias, S.J. Fall 2009
60. Is “the World” a Problem? A Teilhardian Response Ilia Delio, O.S.F. Spring 2010
61. Thomas Berry: Reflections on His Life and Thought John Grim and Mary Evelyn Tucker Fall 2010
62. Contemplation and Cosmos: Merton on Maximus and Teilhard Donald P. St. John Spring 2011
63. Darwin, Teilhard, and the Drama of Life John F. Haught Fall 2011
64. Schweitzer, Teilhard and the Human Future Benjamin B. Page Spring 2012
65. Ethics for Economics in the Anthropocene Peter G. Brown Fall 2012
66. Teilhard and Other Modern Thinkers on Evolution, Mind, and Matter Peter B. Todd Spring 2013
67. Christ in the World of Matter: Teilhard de Chardin’s Religious Experience and Vision David Grumett Fall 2013
68. Expanding Teilhard’s “Complexity-Consciousness” Law Louis M. Savary Spring 2014
69. Searching for Soul: Teilhard, de Lubac, Rahner, and the Evolutionary Quest for Immortality Richard W. Kropf Fall 2014
70. Teilhard de Chardin’s Theory of Spiritual Evolution Františka Jirousová Spring 2015
71. Teilhard, Big History, and Religion: A Look Inside John F. Haught Fall 2015
72. The Cosmotheandric Vision of Pierre Teilhard de Chardin and Raimon Panikkar Ursula King Spring 2016
73. Teilhard, Evolution, and Ecology Allerd Stikker Fall 2016
74. Pierre Teilhard de Chardin and Bernard Lonergan: The Great Work of Our Time Anne Marie Dalton Spring 2017
75. The Shared Perspectives of Pierre Teilhard de Chardin and Thomas Berry John Grim Fall 2017
76. Divine Lives: Christ, Community, and Divine Embodiment Bede Benjamin Bidlack Spring 2018
77. Teilhard de Chardin’s Response to Modern-day Anguish Pierre Leroy Fall 2018
78. Teilhard and Hawking on Creation Kathleen Duffy, SSJ Spring 2019
79. Pierre Teilhard de Chardin and Sir Julian Huxley: A Tale of Two Friends Rasoul Sorkhabi Fall 2019
80. Teilhard’s China Years Kathleen Duffy, SSJ Spring 2020
81. Psycho-spiritual Union: Integrating Spirituality and Psychology in Teilhard, Jung, and Assagioli Andrew Del Rossi Fall 2020
82. Evolution’s God: Teilhard de Chardin and the Varieties of Process Theology Donald Wayne Viney Spring 2021
83. “God Is a Person!” Enstatic Personhood and the Teilhardian Evolutionary Vision Cynthia Bourgeault Fall 2021
84. Teilhard and Islam Joshua Canzona Spring 2022



The editorial board of Teilhard Studies welcomes proposals for papers that explore, develop, or put into practice Teilhard’s vision. Proposals should:

* contain an outline or long abstract, 2 to 4 pages in length, which clearly shows the argument you will make in your paper;
* contain a preliminary list of sources you intend to engage;
* include your name, email or surface mail address, and a brief bio.

Proposals are evaluated blindly by the editorial board on a monthly basis. When you submit a proposal, you will receive confirmation acknowledging receipt which will notify you of the date by which you will know the status of your proposal. Should your proposal be accepted, you will receive the Teilhard Studies publication guidelines.

The editorial board is eager to work with early-career or first-time scholars and writers; feel free to make your publication experience clear in your bio. Send proposals and questions to Laura Eloe, Ph.D. at eloel1@udayton.edu or 140 E. Krepps Rd. Xenia, OH 45385. You can download a printable version of these Proposal Guidelines here. Our Publication Guidelines are available for download here.